New Year – New goals

Welcome to 2017….   As the heading says, New Year – New Goals.  I had a few goals last year but unfortunately, I didn’t actually accomplish too many of them.  As with anyone who is trying to become an Artist, they know too well how hard that is to do when you are working a full-time job.

This blog for one is a big Goal I didn’t stick with, as you can tell by the blog post dates, this is the first one in a couple of months.  Plus I haven’t finished the amount of Artwork I was hoping to.  I think my biggest problem is procrastinating.  I seem to have all of these ideas but when it comes down to actually getting started on them I always manage to get sidetracked and before I know it, the time I had put aside for creating has been used up either cleaning, dealing with kids, or wasting time on social media.

So this year I have got myself a few tools that I hope will help me to stay on track.  I have purchased The Makers Yearbook. A 200-page goal setting & productivity workbook and 2017 planner designed especially for Artists, Crafters & Designer-Makers.  Already I feel as though by writing down my goals and filling in the planner etc.  I am on top of what I want to achieve for the year as regards to how many paintings I want to complete, what competitions I want to enter, online courses to complete that I have already signed up for.  So if you are having the same problem as me I highly recommend checking this book out.

Another thing I have done is get a free app for the Pomodoro method, which is a timer that runs in 25min increments,  you then have a five-minute break and then complete another 25minutes.  Try to achieve 4 of these in a row before having a big break of 1/2 hour or more.  Continue with this method until you have completed your task/goal.  Alongside this, you should have a list of tasks/goals you want to achieve for the day and once they have been completed you can cross them off.  By physically crossing something out gives you a great sense of achievement.  Another thing to do is keep a notebook near you while you are working so if you have any brilliant ideas you just write it down and continue working until the timer stops, then you can follow up on your idea later.

So I am happy that I have figured out where my weak points are in reaching my goals and am trying some new methods to try and fix them.

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope this helps with your own creative practice.

Kerri xx


Author: Kerri Dixon

Australian Wildlife Artist

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